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the new guy and his best friend on teen wolf are basically jackson and danny i’m so tired of jeff davis’s unoriginality

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I’m not crazy. I’m unique.


When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

(requested by agameofqueens.)

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TEEN WOLF MEME1/3 friendships » Scott Mccall and Stiles Stilinski

"Scott, just listen to me. You’re not no one. Scott, you’re my best friend, okay, and I need you. Scott, you’re my brother. Alright, so if we’re gonna do this, then I think you’re just gonna have to take me with you then."

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im so sad about stucky like all the time like i’m at lunch with my mom and she’s like “so what are u gonna have to eat?” and i’m like “mom please. steve rogers dropped his shield because he couldn’t fight bucky. he let bucky punch the shit out of him because it was the best option he had. he stole his old uniform from a museum to wear when he went up against bucky in the hopes it would spark his memory. i’m having pasta.”

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Survival of the fittest.

Only the best of us will e s c a p e .

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